Romania Parliament manages to pass changes to Criminal Code, giving massive blow to fight against corruption. President, opposition blast damaging vote of a dictatorship of majority

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Romania's governing coalition managed to push through a last parliamentary vote on Wednesday a series of massive changes to the Criminal Code, which critics call a heavy blow to the fight against corruption. The parliamentary majority had only a narrow margin of 2 votes to pass the changes. House speaker Liviu Dragnea, leader of the governing Social Democrats (PSD) and, as a politician recently sentenced  for... 

Governing party leader Dragnea, targeted by criminal complaint, blames President of seating at table with head of state which Romania doesn't recognize

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The leader of Romania's governing Social Democrats (PSD) Liviu Dragnea on Friday launched a fierce attack against an opposition leader and the President after the former submitted a criminal complaint against him. Dragnea blamed the complaint on decisions he claims were made by the Presidency and he pointed out that President Iohannis "sat at the same table with a state which Romania doesn't recognize –... 

Romania President Iohannis gives green light to criminal inquiry into ex-leaders in 1989 Revolution case

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​Romanian President Klaus Iohannis on Friday sent a request to the Justice minister for the launch of a criminal inquiry against former president Ion Iliescu, ex-PM Petre Roman and another former official, in the case of the 1989 Revolution. The Prosecutor General charges the three with crimes against humanity. English  Read More →

​ROUNDUP Parliamentary offensive against Romanian criminal law and Justice laws continues amid protest, criticism – latest news

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Romanian MPs of the governing coalition continue their offensive for changing the laws of the Romanian justice on Wednesday, despite fierce criticism of their amendments and accusations that they destroy Romanian criminal law and the fight against corruption. Here are the latest news on their activity. English  Read More →

Romanian President says planned changes of criminal codes in Parliament too big, too speedy

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Romanian President Klaus Iohannis said in Brussels on Thursday that a series of planned changes to the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code, currently on agenda of the Romanian Parliament, are "too big and too speedy". English  Read More →

Main Romanian body dealing with organised crime, DIICOT, says planned changes to criminal codes would block the institution

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DIICOT, the prosecutor's office dealing with organised creime in Romania, says in a press release issued on Thursday that it is "surprised" and "concerned" about a series of planned changes to the criminal codes of the country, which are due to be discussed in the Parliament. It warned that the activity of DIICOT, which runs some 1,200 anti-drugs cases monthly, would be blocked from the very beginning,... 

Praljak: Bosnian Croat war criminal dies after taking poison in court

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Slobodan Praljak acted after an appeals court in The Hague confirmed his 20-year jail term. BBC News – Europe  Read More →

Sevil Shhaideh, a Muslim woman connected to local moguls with criminal records, is surprise nomination for prime minister of Romania

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​The leader of Romania's biggest political party shocked all on Wednesday as he nominated Sevil Shhaideh – a Muslim woman with a history of political and local administration cronyism, for the position of prime minister. Shhaideh nomination comes in the wake of general elections that Social Democrats won by a large margin, partially thanks to a nationalistic campaign that blasted the previous prime minister,... 

Agenţia Mondiala Antidoping despre dezvăluirile hackerilor ruşi: “Un act criminal”

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Agenția Mondială Antidoping a reacționat vehement după atacul unor hackeri ruși asupra bazei sale de date. Hackerii au publicat informații medicale confidențiale ale unor sportivi americani, acuzându-I că au participat dopaţi la Olimpiada de la… citiţi mai departe Sport  Read More →

Cazul neurologului care a încercat să ucidă doi oameni cu mercur. Femeia vizată de doctorul criminal: „Am pus substanța în lingură și s-a topit”

Publicat de in data de 18 May 2016 | Scrie un Comentariu

Cei doi români cărora le-a pus gând rău neurologul de origine nigeriană Oviarobo Osagie Enabulele Hope au dezvăluit detalii șocante despre modul barbar în care medicul a vrut să îi ucidă. Țintele doctorului erau fosta bonă a copiilor săi și fiul acesteia, pe care îl bănuia că s-a culcat cu concubina sa româncă EVZ Online  Read More →
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