Huge abroad, Greek yoghurt almost unknown in Greece

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Cheesemaker Prokopis Ploumbis works in his small factory in the rural outskirts of Athens on February 20, 2014It's a global health fad with millions of fans in Europe and the United States, and yet in Greece, many people have never heard of 'Greek yoghurt'. Equally surprising in an age when billions are spent on marketing, the term 'Greek yoghurt' is basically a quirk of fate. "What is known abroad as 'Greek yoghurt' is called 'straggisto' (strained yoghurt) in Greece," explained Prokopis Ploumbis, a cheesemaker in the rural outskirts of Athens. And yet, in terms of marketing, neither the Greek state nor any Greek company had sought to stamp a patent on the product, unlike feta cheese which is now a protected EU term.

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